Employees give 2N top marks

As many as 97% of people see 2N as a good employer and are happy in the Company

At the end of last year we conducted a survey of the motivation and satisfaction of our employees. The answers we got, such as “It’s just great here!” say it all.


What did our survey ask about?

We were particularly interested to hear how much our staff find their work enjoyable and fulfilling, whether they are happy working together, how they judge the Company’s management and their relationship with their own boss, as well as what they think about the market position of 2N.

What were the survey results?

A total of 74% of all employees took part in the poll and the findings were most gratifying. As many as 97% of people see 2N as a good employer and are happy in the Company. This is borne out by the fact that up to 93% of employees would recommend working at 2N to their friends.

What are the top things about 2N as an employer?

Our employees most value our openness, friendly atmosphere and good interpersonal relationships. They highlight our innovative environment, space for self-realization, scope to balance work and personal life and our receptiveness to individual initiative. These were just some of the reasons why 2N achieved a grade point average of 1.5.

The view of 2N in terms of TOP management, line managers, and our market position

TOP management has the confidence of the staff that they know how to run the business effectively. As for direct managers, the employees acknowledged evident mutual respect and the fact their own ideas are taken into account. They generally perceive 2N as having a firm position on the Czech and World markets and have confidence in the Company’s future.

Check out the complete results of the 2N Staff Motivation Survey.

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