Discover and download the new "How to" manuals

It has never been easier or faster to configure 2N® Mobility Extension for 2N® Netstar users, or the Baby Call function for 2N® EasyGate. With the aid of the new „How To“ manuals it’s a piece of cake; anyone can manage it in a short time.


how toThe main benefit of the new „How To“ manuals is the fact  that they have been set out in a very logical and clear way with the aid of diagrams. They take a step by step approach to configuration of the main features of most 2N products. This saves the technicians a lot of time and enables the 2N products to be quickly brought to life.

You can find the „How To“ manuals in the file of the same name under the „Downloads“ section for most products.

Give the new “How To” manuals a try and see for yourself!

We would welcome your feedback on the quality of these materials, and whether you are satisfied with them. On the basis of your feedback we will happily improve them further so that the configuration of 2N products and their features becomes even easier and more convenient.

Please send your comments using the contact form.

Thank you.

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