Cooperation with manufacturers of audio equipment

We see the same trend on the audio equipment market today that we saw years ago on the telecommunications market – the growing impact of IP technology. For traditional audio equipment manufacturers, the road to the world of IP is not easy. They need someone who is well acquainted with the world of IP technology, who has experience with it, and ideally, who has set the trend in recent years.


For this reason, we are offering you an easy way to expand your existing portfolio to include IP technology by implementing the 2N® Netspeaker IP audio system in your existing audio systems. This way you will not only gain access to the new IP market, but you’ll also be able to offer your customers the unique benefits of combining 100V and IP technologies. Both mean an increase in revenues, and thanks to IP technology, you’ll also receive many unique benefits:

  • no limits on distance: you can install audio distribution equipment wherever there’s an IP network
  • cheaper installation: use existing infrastructure instead of more expensive audio cables
  • direct audio to any speaker: you can turn any speaker into an independent zone
  • wireless solution: use existing Wi-Fi routers at the point of installation
  • online monitoring of the entire system: get immediate access to information, for example, in the case of a disconnected speaker

You can follow in the footsteps of innovative manufacturers such as Dexon or ic audio. They have already implemented the 2N® Netspeaker IP audio system in their devices and thereby created unique products. The Czech firm Dexon implemented the 2N® NetSpeaker in its range of amplifiers, and thanks to this, is now addressing a market with double-digit growth. This includes, for example, in-store audio (background music and audio advertisements in shops) and PA systems at entertainment parks. The German firm ic audio, which also implemented the 2N® Netspeaker in its speakers and now offers its customers unique wireless solutions in completely new products, is in a similar position.

The road to new markets is easy, just contact us!




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