Compatibility of 2N Helios IP intercoms and Gigaset Maxwell 10

During intensive compatibility testing we found the products perfectly compatible, bringing great value to the end customer. Our security intercoms, 2N Helios IP, are recommended for installation and integration with Gigaset Maxwell 10 devices.


Gigaset Maxwell 10 is an IP video phone based on Android OS and equipped with a 10″ HD touchscreen. Now you can control our 2N Helios IP door intercoms directly from Gigaset Maxwell. For example you can talk, open the doors and view a video stream from the intercom camera.

2N Helios IP intercoms can be fitted with an HD camera (including infrared and night vision), smart card readers supporting NFC or various configurations of buttons and keyboard. A significant benefit is the easy integration with current CCTV and security systems. Integration with Gigaset Maxwell 10 raises communication in business or home automation to a higher level.

More information about Gigaset Maxwell 10.


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