Advanced replacement of 2N products

Ensure the advanced replacement of goods in the event of a defect

These days, time is the most important aspect for many customers. Yet, how can you provide them the best possible service in the shortest possible time?


Take advantage of our advanced product replacement service in the event of a defect and don’t keep your customers waiting.

Why advanced replacement?

  • A functional product available immediately in the event of a product defect for the duration of the standard warranty
  • No waiting for the result of a warranty claim
  • Savings on additional costs involved with warranty claims.
  • Your competitive advantage

Now you can offer your customers advanced product replacement on selected 2N products for the duration of the warranty.

What products are covered by immediate replacement?

  • All products in the 2N intercom price list

Price for advanced replacement of 2N products:

  • Advanced replacement of all purchased products in the 2N intercom price list: 3% of the product price
  • Advanced replacement of a single product in the 2N intercom price list individually: 7% of the product price
  • The advanced replacement service may also be purchased retrospectively, within 3 months of purchasing a product.

Please contact our sales department, your sales representative or our customer care department with your order. 


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30.04.2015 Advanced replacement - Leaflet (EN) 226.48 kB PDF
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