A revolution in office communications

New firmware for the 2N® NetStar communications system brings revolutionary changes that enable even greater efficiency in a company’s office communications. The most important improvements include integration of UMTS technology, the ability to record phone calls and the ability to keep track of free minutes. All of these new features significantly enhance the scope of use of the 2N® NetStar PBX and provide customers with many new benefits.


Thanks to this new functionality that is unique in its scope, purchase of the 2N® NetStar PBX gives the user a very sophisticated office communications system fulfilling the most demanding requirements for modern office communications – from small offices to large international companies.


Support of UMTS technology

2N® NetStar can be used as a gateway to ISDN, VoIP, analogue or GSM networks. The new firmware also brings the option of using 2N NetStar as a gateway to other networks with pure UMTS technologies.

call-recordingRecording calls

You no longer require external equipment if you want to record calls. 2N® NetStar is capable of recording 20 simultaneous calls and storing them on a memory card or external network drive from where the recordings can be accessed at any time for further use.

Free minutes countingFree minutes counting

With this new feature you can save even more money when calling to various networks. You can tie the volume of free minutes with any interface. 2N® NetStar tracks the number of free minutes and when they are used up it ensures  that calls are routed by the cheapest route. Perhaps again through an interface with free minutes.

SMS E-mailSMS to E-mail/ E-mail to SMS

Do you know a simpler method for sending and receiving SMS messages than with the aid of your e-mail client? Now all you have to do is write an e-mail and enter a phone number as the address. 2N® NetStar will ensure the message is sent and will also select the cheapest route for it. This gives you an excellent tool, for example, for sending marketing SMS messages.

PhoneSupport of 2N® OpenStage phones

With the new version we can also offer new system phones. The OpenStage range provides an intuitive and friendly user environment with innovative features. You can order 15 T, 20 T and 40 T models.

Call centre supportImproved call centre features

If the 2N® NetStar PBX is used in a call centre you will certainly appreciate the ability to login to any position of the group at any time or set call queuing for a whole group.  This enables more effective workload distribution between individual operators. 

Please contact us if you want to know more about the new firmware and immediately start to use all of these improvements for the 2N® NetStar office communications system.  We will also be happy to inform you of other features and services connected with the introduction of this advanced firmware.

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