A New Generation IP Intercom Arrives on the Scene – the 2N® Helios IP Force

We are proud to announce that the portfolio of 2N intercoms is expanding with another top quality product – the 2N® Helios IP Force.


This easy to install IP intercom based on the SIP standard not only enables secure access to a building, but also voice and video communication. With it, a building is monitored and guarded and you can feel safe.

Great featuresIP door intercom - 2N Helios IP Force

The 2N® Helios IP Force IP intercom features a sturdy aluminium structure, ensuring maximum resistance to dust, water, and mechanical damage, and offering the highest possible resistance –  IP 69. Thanks to that, this door intercom is an ideal solution even for extreme conditions.

Other features of the 2N® Helios IP Force door intercom are:

  • crystal clear sound,
  • practical keyboard,
  • wide-angle camera,
  • card reader,
  • programmable illuminated buttons,
  • carefree maintenance,
  • and much more.

Innovative functions

The security intercom 2N® Helios IP Force excels thanks to a broad range of innovative functions.

With the 2N® Helios IP Eye pop-up application, which can be downloaded free of charge, you can have a visual overview of everyone coming to your door, even while you are not at home or in the office.

When using a group of intercoms simultaneously, you will definitely appreciate the 2N® Helios IP Manager service – centralised intercom administration.  You can find out more about this simple and effective service here.

Broad applications

As a result of all of the functions stated above, our new IP intercom, the 2N® Helios IP Force, has a broad range of applications. It is a suitable, elegant solution for department stores, universities, and sport facilities, etc., as well as an immortal guard to the entrances of prisons, parking facilities, airports, and garages.


The high quality of the 2N® Helios IP Force is confirmed by several important certificates, including connectivity certificates for Avaya and Cisco products.

Avaya IP intercom certified Cisco IP intercom certified

Do you want to find out more about our unique IP door intercomContact our sales representatives.

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