3G wireless router now with data traffic control

2N® EasyRoute provides you with control limits for transmitted data

2N® EasyRoute is a 3G wireless router with Wi-Fi connection and an FXS port which supports SIP client and thus VoIP telephony. It is a dynamic product which is continuously being developed according to your needs. A new firmware release brings you new features such as FUP limits and SMS notifications.


Benefits for you

  • Control of the data transmitted via the device
  • No more speed restrictions and disconnections
  • Be the first to know when there is something wrong with the data connection3G wireless  router

FUP limit (Fair User Policy) is a limit on the data that can be downloaded or uploaded. For the whole package of data including VoIP telephony (SIP client on the FXS port) you can easily set the maximum limit. With 2N® EasyRoute wireless 3G router you can now set a data volume limit for:

With this feature you have your data traffic comfortably under control and there will be no more speed restrictions or disconnections due to exceeding data volume limits. We have also developed a special feature for some data tariffs which are charged after a certain time period has elapsed. 2N® EasyRoute can deal with this also. So the FUP limit can be set:

  • for a data volume
  • for an elapsed time of the data connection

Another very useful feature is SMS notification if the connection fails. For example, if you are a hotel owner and your guests are using the Internet and there is a breakdown, you will be the first person to know about it and can arrange to have it fixed.

For more details please see the product 2N® EasyRoute page or contact us.

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