2N® Virtual Sound Card Application for 2N® NetSpeaker IP audio system

We would like to inform you that in mid July 2013 we will be bringing the new 2N® Virtual Sound Card application with the new firmware version 1.4.1 for the 2N® NetSpeaker IP audio system.


Starting from this version of the firmware the 2N® Virtual Sound Card application SW replaces the existing 2N® NetSpeaker Player application, which allows the simple playing of audio files from your PC to connected 2N® NetSpeaker units or to the individual created zones. The functionality of the original application will be preserved with the 2N® Virtual Sound Card, but now you will also get:

  • The playing of audio files using any multimedia player that you are used to (iTunes, Winamp, Windows Media Player, etc.)
  • You will no longer have to add audio files directly to the application as was the case in 2N® NetSpeaker Player
  • Merely by clicking on the application you can select the 2N® NetSpeaker units/zones in which you would like to play the audio files

Every user can have the 2N® Virtual Sound Card application installed on his computer. After launching the application it connects to the 2N® NetSpeaker server, which the user logs into using his user name and password.


2N® Virtual Sound Card

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