2N Offers Voice Communication for All Devices

We are pleased to announce that our family of IP intercoms has grown to include another sophisticated product—the 2N® Helios IP Audio Kit.


This intercom is the first in a series designed for OEM producers of devices such as car park machines, information kiosks, ATMs and so on. When built in to a device, the 2N® Helios IP Audio Kit expands its functionality to include audio communication, remote supervision and remote control. It provides you with connection to the user, which gives you an advantage over the competition and provides customers with the comfort of a live operator, as well as the option of asking for advice by simply pushing a button.

The same as other products in the 2N® Helios IP range, the Audio Kit is compatible with global manufacturers’ exchanges. The standard is VoIP communication using a SIP 2.0 protocol with easy installation and set-up. In addition, it also has a number of interfaces enabling you to easily connect buttons, keypads, signal LEDs, a microphone, speaker or earphones, making it a universal solution for the OEM market.

2N® Helios IP Audio Kit

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