2N® Network Scanner version 3.0.4

Following on from the new firmware 2.15 for access and SIP audio systems we are releasing the 2N® Network Scanner software in a new version 3.0.4. It brings a number of new features and improvements, among other things it finds 2N IP intercoms on the network which do not yet have an IP address.


Locating devices without an IP address works for 2N Helios IP intercoms, 2N® Access Unit and SIP IP audio with firmware release 2.15.0 and higher.  Our touch panel, the 2N® Indoor Touch can be searched for just the same way as in the previous software version.

In the new application version you can look forward to the following features:

  • searching for devices without IP addresses
  • basic network configuration of the devices found
  • filtering among the results

The installation package with the new version of 2N® Network Scanner is now available direct on our website.

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