2N® NetStar introduces Virtual Conference Room

We are excited to introduce you to a unique new feature, included with the latest firmware update of the virtual pbx solution - 2N NetStar. From now on, you will also be able to use 2N NetStar as a Virtual Conferencing Tool!


How it works:

It's easy! Simply select an appropriate number from your internal numbering plan, then assign the conference service to this number. Everyone wanting to enter the virtual conference room has to dial this number, before entering a special PIN code for proper authorization.

Via a 2N NetStar Assistant, you will be able to see who is in the conference room at any given moment. Alternatively, you can easily set up your PIN number so it is distributed to the people you would like to enter the conference room.

When your scheduled meeting is about to start and the person you are waiting for enters the room, the conference room will automatically call you. This is an extremely useful feature in situations where the meeting has been delayed. There is no need to repeatedly call the given number as you are automatically informed when the host arrives; you receive a call from the room to say that everything is ready and that the meeting is about to begin.

In short, you can set up as many virtual conference rooms as you need. The maximum total number of people in attendance is 32, meaning you could organize up to 16 meetings with 2 attendees in each.

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