2N® Lift8 with new software and firmware 1.5.1

2N announces the latest firmware and software version 1.5.1. for the 2N® Lift8 lift communicator.


This new version brings with it several useful functions and improvements. Users will certainly welcome being able to connect up to 4 lifts, connecting the lift cabin audiounit directly to a central unit without needing to pay for additional splitters. All you have to do is permit the 4-lift version (parameter 994) in the system, and the whole set-up will work simply using a two-wire bus.      

The intercom function allows you to direct calls to a predefined machine room audio unit, via which alarm calls are distributed as needed. Thanks to this function, the central unit no longer has to contain any PSTN, VoIP, GSM or UMTS module, saving you costs for calling via a communications module.  

Another interesting function concerns the addition of full DTMF support by CPC and P100 protocols. These are intended for integration with existing call centres which use this protocol for instance for detecting a calling communicator during an alarm call and for evaluating checking calls.

Other functions and improvements for the 2N® Lift8 lift communicator:

  • full VoIP module support
  • faster unit upgrade process
  • automatic detection of two-frequency elements of a tone
  • minor changes to graphics in software
  • previous version bugs corrected

You can find the new 1.5.1 version under 2N® Lift8 Downloads section.  

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