2N® Lift1 and new firmware

We have released new firmware for the lift communicator 2N® Lift1. In addition to improved handsfree functionality it brings support for user profiles and new language localizations.


You can now define up to 9 user profiles, each of which contains a whole set of parameters for 2N® Lift1. You can then remotely switch between the profiles. The main benefit is that when you need to change multiple parameters you can do so in one step, by selecting a specific profile. This makes life much easier especially in places with poor-quality DTMF tone dialling.

The improved handsfree function delivers quality audio both in the cabin and in the monitoring centre. New language localizations allow programming via the voice menu in German and Portuguese. The basic English and Czech versions remain as voice menu options.

The new firmware version can be found in the 2N® Lift1 download section.

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