2N IP video intercoms support motion detection

Firmware version 2.10 adds a motion detection function to all 2N IP video intercoms. This function detects activity within camera range and then activates a range of automatic responses.


Motion detection is a new functionality of video intercoms, 2N® Helios IP Verso, 2N® Helios IP Force, 2N® Helios IP Vario and 2N® Helios IP Video Kit. It allows you to monitor events via the intercom’s camera, for example, in front of the door of your house, flat or office and so increase security in these areas. You only need to set the camera's field of view (door, gate, etc.) and the level of movement for detection (car arriving in the distance, arrival of a person, etc.). The intercom then easily identifies visual changes in the picture, and on this basis, can perform various automatic responses.

You can easily configure the processes that are automatically activated when the camera detects movement via the intercom’s web interface in the "Automation" section. This may involve, for example:

  • Playing a warning message (this can be restricted to just a certain time according to configuration of the "time profiles" function)
  • Uploading pictures from the camera to a FTP server
  • Emailing a photograph or a sequence of photographs to relevant persons
  • Switching on an alarm or informing security services
  • Switching on lights
  • Opening or closing doors

The “Movement detection” function is licensed via “Enhanced Video”, and “Automation” via “Enhanced Integration”.

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