2N IP intercoms with new two-way audio function for VMS

The new version 2.7 firmware for IP intercoms provides the option of two-way audio communication using an ONVIF protocol, directly from software for the CCTV system, such as VMS Milestone.


Since last year, all 2N® Helios IP series intercoms have supported the ONVIF profile S protocol, which defines the standard method for communication between IP video devices. We are now releasing expanded ONVIF profile S functionality, which will not only provide the option of two-way communication between a security worker and visitor directly from software for the CCTV system, but also the option of controlling input and output from the intercom. This can be used, for example, when opening doors or activating a device.

Thanks to this new functionality, it will no longer be necessary to integrate other software for voice communication and I/O control, which will save considerable costs for acquiring other software and training personnel, and increase the utility value of the current CCTV system.


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