2N IP intercoms support KNX

2N® Helios IP Verso and 2N® Helios IP Force door intercoms can now be connected to home automation systems working on a KNX bus. They offer even more safety and comfort.


What is the KNX standard?

KNX is a uniform global system for comprehensive management of intelligent buildings and households. It is used to control, monitor and manage various devices and equipment in a building. It allows you to, for example, not only open doors or operate blinds and sunshades, but also to switch lighting, heating, and ventilation, etc.

How does KNX work?

All devices (intercoms, lights, heating, air conditioning, etc.) in a building, house or apartment are connected via a single bus. It transmits data between individual home automation elements. For 2N IP intercoms this primarily concerns:

  • a signal that a button has been pressed on the intercom to the KNX system;
  • activation of the door lock connected to the intercom using the KNX system.

What are the advantages for you?

Thanks to KNX support you will be able to control a door lock connected to the intercom directly from the KNX panel. Thanks to connection to the KNX control system, you can also, for example, switch on lights between an entry gate and building, simply by pressing a button on the 2N IP intercom.

Which intercoms support KNX?

KNX is supported by the 2N® Helios IP Verso and 2N® Helios IP Force intercom with installed card reader. A condition for correct operation is firmware version 2.1 or later.

How to connect our intercoms to a KNX system?

You can find a detailed manual showing you how to connect 2N Helios IP intercoms to KNX at the 2N WIKI.

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