2N IP intercoms and 2N® Access Unit with new firmware 2.12

We have released the new firmware version 2.12 for all 2N IP intercoms and the 2N® Access Unit access system. Take a look at the brief overview of the most interesting new functions and improvements.


  • Expanded event logging via a web interface – the web interface now displays all events (instead of the last 10) occurring in connection with an IP intercom or the 2N® Access Unit access system. The log therefore newly contains hundreds of records.
  • Provisioning via TR069 – the TR069 protocol allows remote setting and reading of 2N IP intercom and 2N® Access Unit parameters even without using their web interfaces. This is practical particularly for service providers who have their own website, for example for complete configuration of a smart household. Their customers can configure everything, including the intercom, via this web interface. The service provider no longer needs to provide direct access to web administration of the intercom owing to the TR069 protocol.
  • Reporting the status of intercom registration for PBX from the “Automation” section – a new condition has been added to this section to make the performance of a specific event conditional on the status of registration of the 2N Helios IP intercom for PBX. It is now possible to report the status of intercom registration via the “Automation” section.
  • Software control of the red lock pictogram on the 2N® Helios IP Verso intercom via the “Automation” section – the red lock indicating that the alarm in a building is activated can now be controlled easily via the “Automation” section. This has originally been possible exclusively via the logical input on the base unit.
  • Support for 2N® Access Unit in the version with a 125kHz reader – in view of the development of the new the access system version equipped with a 125kHz reader, all firmware from version 2.12 will support 2N® Access Unit in both versions – with a 13.56MHz and 125kHz reader.

Download the new firmware in version 2.12! It is available for each product on the relevant product page, directly in the Download section.

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