2N IP intercoms, Access and SIP audio systems with new firmware 2.16.0

We are releasing new firmware for all 2N Helios IP intercoms, SIP audio systems and the 2N® Access Unit. It brings a whole host of new features and improvements.


Upgrading to firmware version 2.16.0, you gain, for example:

  • Improved motion detection – we have raised the threshold to making false alarms. Such can arise due to e.g. weather phenomena; such as snow or rain. 
  • Opening the lock by calling from a specified number2N Access Control Systems can now be set up so that you need only call from a specified phone number to open the lock. The call need not even go through to being connected.
  • Distinguishing between cards being drawn through the card reader and cards being held in front of the reader – once card can now action two different things: by drawing the card through the reader we might open the door, by presenting it we might lock-down the premises.

For a detailed overview of all the new features and changes see the release notes, always on the specific product page in the download section and along with the firmware itself.

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