2N® Indoor Touch offers an overview of missed calls

See who’s been at your door! 2N® Indoor Touch with the 2N® Helios IP Mobile application in version 4 brings an improved “Missed Calls” function with a snapshot of each caller.


Do you know who called you from the intercom at your front door while you were away? Or who wanted to visit you while you had the “Do Not Disturb” mode activated? You can now easily display a list of all missed calls on the 2N® Indoor Touch communicator with the improved 2N® Helios IP Mobile application in version 4.

And there is more! Each call will be recorded with a snapshot of the person standing by the intercom at the time the call was made. This helps you see at a glance whether the caller was a person known to you or a stranger. What’s more, this application also provides a list of all incoming and outgoing calls, including the time of calls. If you have more than one intercom installed at your house (for example at the front and back doors), the identification of individual intercoms in the network will help you easily recognize the intercom where a particular call was made.

An example of practical use of the missed calls listing on the 2N® Indoor Touch communicator is shown in the following video.

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