2N® Indoor Touch communicator with the new firmware version 1.6.3

2N is issuing another firmware upgrade. This time it’s for the 2N® Indoor Touch multifunctional communicator. The firmware extends the range of its application and brings new functions.


Fixed version of the 2N® Helios IP Mobile application v. 3

The improved version of the application offers increased stability and is suitable even for larger installations. Residential projects where installation involves the interconnection of 2N® Indoor Touch communicators with 2N® Helios IP intercoms are a typical example. Having the latest firmware version 2.12 or higher installed on the intercom is essential for ensuring flawless functionality of the installation.

Pre-installed 2N® IP Audio Remote Control application

Our IP audio application intended for fast and simple control of the 2N® NetSpeaker system now comes preinstalled in the 2N® Indoor Touch communicator. The application allows you, for example, to play back music in various zones, set the volume, manage song lists, etc.

Extended options for integrating the 2N® Indoor Touch communicator

  • Application programming interface (API) – allows certain communicator functions to be shared and controlled directly from third-party applications. It comprises a diode on the front panel, a relay, input-output modules, and basic system settings, such as an Ethernet network interface, licences, etc.
  • Alternative Android launcher support – a licensed function for very advanced customization of the equipment. The function allows the default 2N launcher (main menu) to be disabled and the 2N® Indoor Touch communicator “switched over” to the native environment of the Android operating system.
  • Root/superuser access support for installed applications – a licensed function for expert implementation of third-party applications activates access in a special mode (Superadmin, Superuser, etc.).

Static IP address support

2N® Indoor Touch now supports the setting of dynamic and static IP addresses. The static address remains unchanged when 2N® Indoor Touch is disconnected and subsequently reconnected to a computer network. The communicator therefore remains accessible on a fixed address and thus makes maintenance and administration easier.

The new firmware version 1.6.3 is available for download at the 2N® Indoor Touch communicator product page.
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