2N® Indoor Touch and IP intercoms compatible with Trassir

The multifunctional 2N® Indoor Touch communicator and 2N® Helios IP Force intercom have been successfully tested with yet another camera system. This time it was Trassir.


Facial close-up of visitors

The 2N IP intercom when connected to the Trassir camera system acts as an additional external camera on the network. Thanks to the location of the door intercom at eye level you get a close-up of the face of each visitor to the premises. In addition, the 2N intercom has an HD camera with night vision, allowing you to record high quality images even in complete darkness.

Communication with the visitor and door opening

Another advantage is that when your visitor rings at the entrance you can observe the conversation direct via the Trassir camera system. Thanks to this, the monitoring staff can simply respond to the visitor, and open the door if required.

A comprehensive solution to door communication and video monitoring

IP intercoms can also be fitted with the corresponding 2N® Indoor Touch unit, suitable for any interior. This one is also compatible with the Trassir application designed for the remote monitoring of all connected cameras, their control and basic management.

Trassir is compatible with 2N Helios IP series intercoms

2N offers professional solutions for door communication, fully compatible with the Trassir camera system. Moreover, thanks to identical firmware across the entire group of door intercoms, compatibility applies not only to the tested products – 2N® Helios IP Force and 2N® Indoor Touch – but also to all the other intercoms of the 2N Helios IP series.


Date Name Size Type Download
21.04.2016 List of tested 2N® Indoor Touch applications - LINK
21.04.2016 2N IP intercoms functions tested together with Trassir - LINK
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