2N® Indoor Touch also controls home IP audio systems

Combine the 2N® Indoor Touch communicator with a 2N IP audio solution to play pleasant music in any part of your apartment or house. Relax in the peace of your home.


Listening to pleasant music has become an essential part of our leisure time, whether we tend to spend it actively, playing sport, or passively in relaxation centers or the comfort of our homes. You can put the multifunctional 2N® Indoor Touch communicator to good use even for these purposes. The communicator supports numerous advanced functions and applications allowing you to also control your home IP audio system from 2N.

Having the 2N® IP Audio Remote Control application installed on your 2N® Indoor Touch device is all that is required. You can then easily select directly from the touch screen of your 2N® Indoor Touch the music and volume for playing in individual rooms. All members of your household are sure to appreciate that you can also easily create separate zones with different content. The combination of the 2N® Indoor Touch communicator and a 2N IP audio solution will allow everyone to listen to different music according to their preferences. For example, relaxing music while taking a bath, something upbeat while exercising in the living room, or lullabies in the children’s bedroom.

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