2N® Helios IP Force with an HD camera

This April, we have released a new variant of the 2N® Helios IP Force, now with an HD camera.


2N® Helios IP Force now provides even more reliable security for entrances to premises than before thanks to the new HD camera. The camera achieves considerably higher resolution in comparison to intercoms with an ordinary camera. Video communication is now of much higher quality and your picture is a lot clearer. The angle of the HD camera remains the same.

This new option of an intercom with an HD camera also enables intelligent switching between daytime and nighttime settings. The new intercom is therefore capable of adapting to the conditions at any time of the day. Its main asset is improved night vision with infrared lighting. You will appreciate the HD camera mainly at night when it gives you a clear vision of everything going on in the vicinity. This is how it protects your house from vandalism and burglary.

2N® Helios IP Force with an HD camera is available in all versions offered for 2N® Helios IP Force with an ordinary camera. Therefore, it can be equipped with buttons, a keypad, 1 or 10W speaker, card reader, pictograms, etc. In addition, all certifications are also valid for the new variant, i.e. tests for IP69K rating and tests of resilience to vandalism and IK10 tests.

2N® Helios IP Force - order No. 9151101CHW 2N® Helios IP Force - order No. 9151101CHRPW 2N® Helios IP Force - order No. 9151101CHKW 2N® Helios IP Force - order No. 9151102CHRW 2N® Helios IP Force - order No. 9151104CHW


Date Name Size Type Download
27.04.2015 Difference in resolution: 2N® Helios IP Force with HD camera vs 2N® Helios IP Force 1.24 MB JPG
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