2N® Helios IP Force keeps children safe in USA

Following the shootings in Newtown, Hudson Falls Schools in Fort Edward, NY, USA evaluated their security. To make it harder for visitors to get in, they added extra layer of security by using the 2N® Helios IP Force intercom with a camera at the front door. The new system is used during the school day, after children have arrived. "I'm here to bring my son's lunch," said a parent standing in front of the new camera. Now, no one gets in the first door without first being seen and heard.


Once reserved for bigger city districts, cameras at the front door are now being used at rural schools like Hudson Falls. Our door guard 2N® Helios IP Force is the latest step to keep schoolchildren safe. No one gets in to any of the district's five schools without first buzzing the administrative staff, who will use a special video phone to see and talk to every visitor.

“If it keeps students safe”, the school says, “ it will be money well spent.” The total cost for the five cameras was about 55-hundred dollars and all of it was paid for with a state grant.


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