2N® Access Commander – integration with XProtect® Access

2N has developed a plugin for the integration of the 2N® Access Commander access control system with the XProtect® Access system by Milestone. This allows the system operators to control both systems from one interface.


In the event of an alarm (door open too long, door kicked in, tamper alarm), the operator must be able to quickly identify the persons present at the location at the time. The operator must also be able to retrieve the relevant footage from the cameras installed at the location. This means that the operator must work with two systems at the same time. Moreover, the time in those systems must be identical and accurate.

The integration between 2N® Access Commander and XProtect® Access makes everything accessible from one location. All you need is to install the XProtect Smart Client by Milestone in which all events and alarms relating to the access control system will be directly linked to video surveillance information.

Further technical information, image material and guidelines on setting this up can be found in our FAQ.


Date Name Size Type Download
24.08.2016 2N Plugin for XProtect® Access - 567.99 kB ZIP
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