You and 2N: do we suit each other?

Could 2N be the right place for you? Try answering the following eight simple questions and find out for yourself.

1. My main expectation of employment is
a) the best possible financial reward, stability and employee benefits.
b) self-fulfilment, a good team atmosphere and open communication, including a financial reward corresponding to my contribution to the company.

2. What do I expect from my job?
a) I don’t need to experiment. I enjoy doing what I am best at.
b) I enjoy variety. I like to further my development, and I am interested in new things, even in work in which I am skilled.

3. I like it when my superior
a) explains the procedure along with my tasks to me, so I know exactly what I am supposed to do.
b) explains the aim of my work to me and gives me room to find my own way to achieve this.

4. I work better in an environment that
a) tends to be formal, with a clearly given structure and rules, including a dress code.
b) tends to be informal.

5. I prefer a corporate management system
a) with a clearly defined, standard hierarchy.
b) with a looser structure that allows cooperation on projects with colleagues throughout the company.

6. My personal development
a) is in the interests of my employer. So the initiative should come from my employer as part of employee care and improving the efficiency of the entire company.
b) is my responsibility, so I should look for opportunities and areas in which I wish to develop my skills. I expect the company to allow me to do so and to support me in my efforts.

7. As far as the results of my work are concerned
a) I should present them to my superior only; communication with other departments is his job.
b) I should be capable of justifying them to other colleagues at the company too.

8. I prefer working in a team
a) that is preferably Czech, where I can communicate with colleagues in my mother tongue and as a result there are no unnecessary misunderstandings.
b) that is diverse and multicultural, where there are different languages, especially English in terms of partners and customers.

Which answers did you choose?
If you chose option b) more often, then 2N could be the right place for you. Take a look at our currently available job vacancies.
If you chose option a) more often, take a look at what the company’s own employees say about 2N and its corporate culture. You may discover that the manner of mutual cooperation we have at 2N could be of interest to you too.

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