2N® Helios IP Uni

Cenově dostupný dveřní interkom

2N® Helios IP Uni je na první pohled skromný, ale svými možnostmi velmi zajímavý dveřní interkom pro jednoduché instalace. Nabízí výhody IP prostředí a SIP telefonu, přičemž snadná montáž umožní využití i stávající LAN sítě. Obsluha je intuitivní a kvalitní konstrukce v účelném designu zajišťuje dostatečnou míru odolnosti vůči vnějším vlivům.


Reference zákazníků:

Pro tento interkom je charakteristická snadná obsluha a plně duplexní vysoká kvalita hlasu. Tři čísla na uživatele, která mohou být kombinací čísla pobočky a IP adresy, umožňují zálohovat spojení formou GSM připojení přes bránu. Další výhodou interkomu 2N® Helios IP Uni je jeho velice snadná montáž, která vyžaduje pouze mechanickou instalaci krabice a připojení ethernetového kabelu do zásuvky.

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Dveřní IP interkom 2N® Helios IP Uni

Datum Název Velikost Typ Stáhnout
01.03.2013 2N® Helios IP Uni - Prohlášení o shodě 249.91 kB PDF
Datum Název Velikost Typ Stáhnout
21.09.2015 Katalog IP interkomů od 2N (CZ) 3.33 MB PDF
Datum Název Velikost Typ Stáhnout
05.02.2015 AutoCAD 2N - EN 2.72 MB ZIP
2N® Network Scanner version 3.0.4

- 2N® Network Scanner can find devices without IP address
- 2N® Network Scanner can set basic network settings - DHCP on/off and set static IP address (same requirements as above) - units with this feature enabled and disabled are distinguished by color (grey ones can not be configured).
- 2N® Network Scanner can also locate devices in other network segments, if multicasts are routed between them
- Filtering in results
- Name change from 2N® Helios IP Network Scanner to 2N® Network Scanner as it is also able to find 2N® Access Unit and 2N® Indoor Touch

Location of devices without assigned IP address and network settings do work with 2N Helios IP intercoms, 2N® Access Unit and SIP IP audio with firmware version 2.15.0 and higher. This feature does not work with 2N® Indoor Touch version 1.6 and 2.0, however these devices are still located in the network with assigned IP address.
Features in version

- Doubleclick in list of intercoms opens the web interface
- Smaller installer file
- New icon

Version 2.17.0 includes following changes

Features - user and functionality changes

Forced change of default password - all units will force users to change their default passwords to strong ones
Time restricted access rights - specification when access right of a user starts and when ends
Helios IP Verso Touch display improvements - search, scramble keypad, automation support, slideshow resolution information in GUI
Easier user picture upload - big pictures are automatically downsized
New preloaded user sounds
Automation import / export for each function separately

Features - system changes

Backlight settings moved to separate web section
Touch display support for Access Unit - use as virtual keypad or to display announcements
Units to check for new version of the firmware
User sound set as ringing tone to be played repeatedly
Use statistics of web GUI
ONVIF improvements


SIPS available on devices without license
Helios IP Verso Touch display - calling to non-existing users
Device stability
TR069 stability
Localisation and translation issues
Device not starting SIP registration
Verso 125kHz card reader not recognising card types properly
Too long device name causing unit to reboot
Wiegand module detecting phantom inputs with number all zeros

Changes in 2.17.1 compared to 2.17.0

Features - user and functionality changes

Verso - Bluetooth module support
Test call is now initiated by pressing Enter key after typing the desired extension number

Features - system changes

JPEG RTP packet includes now EOI header - for most recipients it should mean no change, but it enables video for CISCO SPA525G telephone
HTTP API event logging - new event UserAuthenticated
Verso touch display - overheat message is now triggered at higher temperature


Stability issues
Verso touch display - overheat message being displayed in sub-zero temperatures
Vario having static IP address after factory reset
Output relay of Vario reader gets stuck
Arrow buttons to control Vario display were not active
Photo upload into directory - zoom not working
Version 2.16.0 includes following changes

Features - user and functionality changes

Motion detection improvement - new algorithm triggering less false alarms when it snows, rains etc. It might be necessary to adjust settings after upgrade.
Door open on incoming call from predefined number - Automation Event.CallStateChanged has new parameter Number so that you can specify what shall be done according to who is calling or being called.
New event Event.CardHeld which is triggered if a user holds the RFID card at the reader for specified time - you can distinguish between swiping a card and holding the card, triggering two separate actions
Reason for failed registration added to event logging - so that monitoring system can react accordingly or provide proper information to maintenance crew
Display (Vario & Verso) virtual number telephone mode - when telephone mode is off, you can dial #number# which calls the virtual number, and you see the number of the display
Multiple email addresses in email settings - semicolon is now accepted as separator, to match MS Outlook behaviour
Switch opened by time profile - this popular functionality is now available without need to use Automation. Licensing stays the same.
Multiple Access Keys - since a single intercom can belong to multiple groups of Indoor Touch, there is now an option to store multiple Access Keys

Features - system changes

Incoming call policy and settings changed - activation code has been removed. Default setting is that the device reject incoming call with BUSY message. Regardless of settings if there is already a call on the intercom, new incoming call with be rejected with BUSY message
License key is checked before apply - invalid key can not be applied or stored
Support for Snom D765
Support for touchscreen display module for Verso
Support for My2N / Mobile Video
RFID card reader signalisation aligned between particular models. Parameter Card reader signalling is now consistent and even display equipped models do follow settings of visual signalisation.
Number of event log records stored in device increased from 500 to 10.000
Format of email message changed, plain text sent along with HTML so that Email to SMS on 2N® Voice Blue Next works nice for SMS access control notifications


Access Unit stability issues
G.729 bad stream for Annex B version
When using G.729 and stream of RTP was interrupted, it took too long to recover the stream
HTTP API Audio part available without license key
Audio test accepting invalid time
Card reader returning invalid card number (containing only zeros)
Edge browser freezing on the time profiles page
When a large file was uploaded as user sound, device restarted
Too many requests from mobile app could reboot the device
Keypad settings missing in Access Unit
Testing email on Access Unit used wrong template for its content
Wiegand stability issues
DNS resolution issues
Too strict H264 decoder, causing some external IP cameras to not work

Version 2.16.1 includes following changes compared to 2.16.0


Automatic license key download - to help installers, the intercom checks automatically if there is any license key generated for its serial number. That means after the device is installed, if a license is requested, you start trial period, finish the installation, order license key and the device will download the license key automatically. Device needs to be connected to the internet, which can be confirmed in license settings. Device checks for license key after reboot each 8 hours for a week. In trial license the device checks every 8 hours.

2N Mobile Video support - improved performance with My2N service Mobile Video

Support for new components in device electronics

Disabled downgrade below version with which the device was produced - From this version on, the devices will not accept any firmware version lower than the one which was loaded in production.

Version 2.16.2 includes following changes compared to 2.16.1

Upgrading to 2.16.1 failing, mostly when upgrading from old versions of firmware
Uploading of partial config files caused intercom to reboot

Version 2.15.0 includes following changes

Tamper switch of 2N® Helios IP Force/Safety polarity was reversed. If you use tamper switch in Automation script, it will announce itself as activated immediately after upgrade. This is necessary to make it compatible with other products, so that 2N® Access Commander can equally handle all products.

Features - user and functionality changes

Time profiles - bank holidays. User can define which days in a year are off-work and define specific behaviour in these days for any time profile.
Time profiles - multiple periods per day. In one day you can have multiple active and inactive periods.
VLAN support - VLAN tag can be configured, according to 802.1Q
Detection of duplicit RFID cards - user will be warned that the card he is trying to add is already used.
Door activation should be only visualised on the particular card reader where the RFID card was swiped, not on all modules.
2N® Helios IP Verso module locator - when configuring particular modules, typically 5-button modules, you can blink its backlight so you know which module is which.
SIP registration page now to include status of SIP registration, including reason if registration failed
Automation object Action.SendEmail can now specify parameters of email being sent (To, Subject, Body, picture count and resolution), including multiple To addresses
Two templates for emails - one for calls and one for RFID card reader events
Multiple To addresses for email - for all sending options - web configuration, HTTP API as well as Automation
Email (SMTP client) enabled for 2N® Access Unit
User sound for ringback tone for outcoming call - If PBX does not send ringback tone while ringing of a call outcoming from our device, user is able to fully replace the generated ringback with user sound. If there is a ringback tone coming from PBX, user sound is not applied.
Network settings to include 10/100MBit selection Auto or 10mbps
1999 users on 2N® Helios IP Audio/Video Kit phonebook

Features - system changes

Reverse polarity of tamper switch of 2N® Helios IP Force/Safety - see above.
Switch activation by call is now not licenced - it is available without any licence. It is also available for 2N® Helios IP Uni
No restart necessary after change of configuration
HTTP API event logging - all events to include UTC time plus timezone
Support for 2N® Network SCanner 3.0.x - this version can detect units without IP address and configure DHCP on device (typically assign static IP address)
Manual multicast address settings for streaming to 2N® Helios IP Mobile. User has the option to manually select one of 7 alternative multicast addresses to use or select Auto. This can help to divide the network load in bigger installations.
Upgrade prompt - if we introduce some radical change in firmware in the future, old firmware will warn the user while the new one being applied, so that the user can abort the upgrade when not sure he wants these changes.
2N® Helios IP to switch multicast to unicast if only one 2N® Helios IP Mobile is watching
Collection of anonymous statistic information - in order to have better feedback on use of our products we will gather statistics of device usage. User can manully disable this in web configuration.
Support for automatic event notification to 2N® Access Commander - tamper switch activation, door opened too long, forced door open, web unsuccesfull login attempts.


Stability issues
Vario card reader not detecting input change after restart
User sound - maximal file size warning corrected
Automation sending HTTP request - incorrect escape characters formatting
Verso Wiegand IN not recognising codes with certain external readers
SMTP server domain name maximum of 3 levels
SIP Speaker memory leak
Multicast address was accepted and used

Version 2.15.1 includes following changes compared to 2.15.0


2N® Access Unit support


Intercoms not starting after being unplugged from power supply
Verso 5-button module - all buttons blinking instead of just one
Verso card reader - green light stuck after switch opening

Version 2.15.2 includes following changes compared to 2.15.1


No audio with some PBX brands, audio RTP stream not initiated
2N® SIP Audio Converter has DHCP ON by default, correct is DHCP OFF
Incorrect card reader signalling when used with Wiegand output
Custom language missing for web language
Version 2.14.0 includes following changes


Test call - trigger the call from SIP settings to make sure everything is configured correctly
HTTP(S) Autoprovisioning authorisation support
Timezones according to tzdata - more timezones to choose from
FTP custom port - when using FTP client you can choose the port of the FTP server
Triggering of email and audio loop test via HTTP API - using HTTP API you can manually trigger audio loop test and email. With email you can specify To, Subject, Body and number of attached pictures
Card selection on RFID card reader - you can restrict which RFID types are supported by the readers. This does not only enhance security, but also improves reading performance of the reader. Default value is that the reader reads all supported types and we recommend restricting this to only those types which are really used.
Hebrew and Arabic support on display of Helios IP Vario
Better visual user feedback on keypad of Helios IP Verso - correct PIN triggers green key, incorrect triggers red key
"Custom response" option on HTTP API - when sending HTTP command to Helios IP you can specify what answer you want to receive, including an empty answer.


IR light for Helios IP Force with SD camera
Helios IP Vario card reader stability - better resistance against electromagnetical interference from lock wiring
Web alignment issues
Green noise pixels in night vision at low light conditions
DNS name resolution - could lead to SIP unregistration
Milesone xProtect audio back channel did not work
User sounds were played multiple times

Known issues

Need to refresh browser after upgrade - this is caused by new certificate used

Version 2.14.1 includes following changes compared to 2.14.0


SIP Early media behind NAT - if PBX, or generally counterpart, wants to use 183 Session Progress and send audio before pick up, and is behind NAT, Helios IP needs to send a dummy packet to open firewall port. This has just been implemented.


Wiegand IN functionality - some Wiegand readers connected to our Wiegand Input stopped working on firmware 2.14.0
REINVITE after BYE - When SIP call was ended from 2N side, intercom has sent BYE and subsequently a REINVITE. This REINVITE did no harm, but was useless.

Version 2.14.2 includes following changes compared to 2.14.1


Multicast receiver - improved reception of multicast channels, resulting in easier registration of 2N® Helios IP Mobile / 2N® Indoor Touch to the intercoms.

Configuration of Helios IP Vario display in web interface. Currently no Arab and Hebrew (written right to left) support.
Video preview page - for embedding into different video services. Accessible in Hardware - Camera
Failsafe lock support - new option "Inverted" for lock type in switch settings
Support for Network Scanner 2.2.x to discover units without IP address and do basic network settings.
Logging in HTTP API - replaces old Event Logging service which is kept for back-compatibility but not maintained anymore.
New user sound upload - recording of the user sounds directly in the configuration web interface.
Reason Call completed elsewhere to the message Cancel - with ring group this is sent in Cancel message sent by intercom to other endpoints so that they do not show unanswered call
List of connected Indoor Touch units
Additional parameters for TR069 provisioning
More information about call in event log in web interface
External camera from behind NAT - cammera being connected as external camera can be behind NAT
RFC 3891 "Replaces" support - SIP improvement
NTP client enabled by default - all intercoms shall update the time information automatically by default
User to button assignment - better functionality when there are many users with similar name
Automation Action.BeginCall to support calling also on device: Indoor Touch
Induction loop support - support for new hardware
Enable virtual number when Access Commander uploads a user which has it defined - if you upload into Helios IP a user from Access Commander which has defined virtual number, calling on virtual numbers is automatically enabled
Helios IP Verso night vision improvements - better and faster switching between day and night
Changed timeouts of RTSP connections


Echo cancelling on Helios IP Verso - causing halfduplex effect
Two timers/delay in Automation colliding
Low mic sensitivity on Helios IP Uni
Audio disturbances on Helios IP Verso
Automation minor issues
RTP audio receiving - distorted audio
802.1X - EAP MD5 functionality
DNS resolving

Bugfixes added in 2.13.3 fixing problems of 2.13.0

2N Helios IP Vario had incorrectly assigned quick dial buttons
2N Helios IP Force did not recognize 13.56MHz smart card reader - the one without NFC support, part number 9151016
Compatibility with 2N Helios IP Mobile v4


TR069 - support for protocol for provisioning. Support includes basic statistic information and config file handling. Particular parameters will be accesible in next versions.
ONVIF refactoring - Helios IP is now certified as Profile S version 2.4 IP camera. This refactoring is supposed to be fully back-compatible, it was tested on all major VMS which were declared as compatible.
Event log in web interface - log displayed in Status section contains much more information. Filtering is available as well.
Support for future hardware modules for Helios IP Verso
Support for new PCB versions of intercoms
Support for USB card reader and its PC driver
Support for my2N service
Autoprovisioning now also accepts config files where the filename includes intercom MAC address without "-" between fields. So if it does not find hipv-00-87-12-aa-00-11.xml, it tries hipv-008712aa0011.xml.
SIP SDP packet - contact information for media has been added to common section
Helios IP Verso - Red LED lock pictogram can be now controlled from Automation
New condition in Automation - status of registration to PBX
Helios IP Eye can be addressed by domain name
Serial number shown on licence page, for convenience when requesting and checking licence
SIP Domain without required suffix - when entering SIP credentials, you can use strings without .com etc
Card reader module name as a variable in Automation - very useful when having multiple card readers in one installation
Improvements for Indoor Touch and Helios IP Mobile - settings ready for next version of Helios IP Mobile. Statistics about how many apps are connected and how many do receive video stream.
Support for new features in 2N® Helios IP Mobile 3.2.30 which is part of 2N® Indoor Touch version


HTTP API - Verso main unit outputs were not reported properly on IO capability request
Indoor Touch connection issues - now the connection should be more stable, especially with higher numbers of Indoor Touch units in the network
Cosmetic and language localisation issues

Changes between 2.12.0 and 2.12.1 - bugs fixed:

Stability issues
Green rows in camera picture of Helios IP Force HD
Helios IP Verso Wiegand module doesn't receive sequences from some devices - Wiegand RFID card reader

Changes between 2.12.1 and 2.12.2


Helios IP Verso - audio disturbances when camera snapshot was uploaded on FTP after key press
Helios IP Force - issues with reading of HID Prox cards


Support for Helios IP Verso internal induction loop module

Version 2.11.0 has been replaced by version 2.11.1 due to two bugfixes mentioned below.

Features in 2.11. - description

SNMP v2c support
Noise detection - if audio captured on microphone exceeds set treshold for predefined amount of time, Automation event is triggered
NFC support - open the door with your smartphone, using 2N Helios NFC app (phone needs NFC and HCE enabled)
User directory changes - virtual number - number to be dialled on keypad to call the user can be different from his position in the phonebook
User directory changes - quick dial button - in Hardware section you can define which user is on which quick dial button. It is not necessary his position in the phonebook.
FTP upload improvement - upload picture without Automation programming - on call and periodic
Ring group of user and his deputy - ring group is not limited to three numbers of a particular user, but his deputy's numbers can be included. Maximum 12 numbers is dialled.
PTZ now available on all camera intercoms
Multicast can be sent and received on G.722 codec - better paging audio quality
Change of ring time limit - set 0 for infinite ringing
Distinguish on which card reader is double identification applied
Time zones updates
20 time profiles on all intercoms
Video stream for 2N IndoorTouch improvement
Helios IP Safety with multiple buttons - flash of button which is used
Action.ActivateSwitch for bistable switch in Automation - full control of bistable switch from Automation
Quick dial button is now able to initiate call and activate switch at the same time
Quick dial button can be handled by Automation - phonebook position needs not to be set
Redesign of licence page

Bugfixes in 2.11.

Hints and language corrections
RTSP audio stability
ONVIF event logging improved - Subscription ID for Onvif PullMessagesRequest was lost
SIP registration failures fixed
Original language file download
Teardown is now accepted
Helios IP Audio Kit Lite button mapping
Broken pictures uploaded to FTP
PTZ improvements
Verso night vision IR light improvement

Bugfixes in 2.11.1

Stability of the intercom when used with 2H Helios IP Mobile
Addressing of high number of buttons of Helios IP Verso

- HTTP API - redesign of HTTP API for remote intercom monitoring and control, new manual for this interface published on wiki.2n.cz
- Access control table for user rights - multiple users with different rights for new HTTP API
- Secondary SIP account for alerting - separate Incoming call settings for particular SIP accounts. One account can be used to paging (automatic pick up), second to announce that some other IP phone is ringing (SIP alerting)
- Preloaded user sounds - In addition to custom uploaded user sounds, several sounds are part of firmware.
- Convert SIP call to multicast - using Automation, intercom can be programmed to broadcast incoming call to multicast. Use scenario: make a simple SIP call, and your voice can be transmitted to whole network, all intercoms and SIP Speakers for paging
- Camera motion detection - with internal camera, action in Automation can be triggered when motion is detected.
- Picture/video high dynamic range - new camera mode which improves picture when intercom is facing the sun
- Camera section of web redesign including renaming Flickering reduction to Camera Mode
- PIN entered on keypad to be send via Wiegand - keypad numeric code can be sent to access control system
- Option None for associated switch at Vario / Force card reader - for advanced settings, when the door lock should not be directly controlled
- Acoustic feedback filter - when intercom and IP phone are too close, this eliminates disturbing acoustic feedback - great for showrooms and exhibitions
- FTPs picture upload - action for Automation, uploads a snapshot from camera to FTP server. Great with motion detection.
- Automatic IR LED power control - night vision at Verso - Auto settings adjusts power of IR according to image. Optimalised for a person approaching an intercom.
- SIP REFER - SIP message for call transferring
- Separate NAT settings for SIP accounts
- Feedback when configuring external camera - when configuring external camera, you get more detailed information if the stream is not connected.
- Verso modules configuration line should be hidden - removing of undocumented and not supported configuration
- SMTP test and log similar to FTP client - redesign of web configuration of SMTP
- CEPAS RFID cards support - improved support of RFID cards
- Language field alignment - cosmetic change of web interface
- Automation event for manual autoprovisioning - configuration and firmware download can be manually triggered
- Web interface automatic timeout logout
- REX (Request to exit) button to control switch - direct connection between logical input and switch control
- Improve card reader sensitivity - better reading of RFID cards
- Increase signalling LED brightness on Verso
- Invert ONVIF control of switches - improvement for switch controlling from VMS - especially usable with Milestone
- Event.KeyReleased - new Automation event which enables Push-to-talk operation of intercoms
- NFC support and licensing - firmware changes for future NFC
- Access Unit licencing and changing - firmware changes for future product

Bugs fixed

- Web interface minor functional and cosmetic issues, alignments and hits
- Audio Kit crashed during upload a big wav file
- ONVIF log - now really only ONVIF messages are sent to ONVIF log. For general logging, our Event Log should be used
- Action.BeginCall - Parameter number not accepting * and #
- Minor video streaming improvements
- Automation Action "SetOutput" doesn't recognizing the name after boot.
- Intercom does not start the new call vithout video after 488 Not Acceptable Here
- Output Output1 at Wiegand module does not work
- Event logging stability improvements
- Outputs of fifth IO module of Verso are not visible at menu Switches
- Automation - Check entered values for parameter User at Action.SendEmail
- No signalisation if a card ID is only transferred to wiegand at Verso
- Controling bistable switch by http commands
- Wrong sending email at missed outgoing call
- It is not possible to login in Firefox
- Firmware update sometimes fails
- Display data are not uploaded
- Only one MPEG4 stream is working
- Sound mapping does not display
- It is not possible to enter port for http command at a switch
- Corrupted XML file if special characters are in use
- DNS request is not renewed if answer with TTL=0 is received
- Language localisation issues
- Audio falls to half-duplex
- Missing assigned input choices if licence is missing
- When continually starting the same multicast received, there is gap in audio
- Streaming should be switched off after factory reset
- JPEG Snapshots Download should be switched off after factory reset
- MJPEG resolution should be 1280x960 at Verso after factory reset
- Crash after a call to the not answering destination
- Web browser is not redirected to the new IP address in Firefox
- Crash if external camera address is changed

Language localisation - minor translation improvements
Verso infopanel backlight level to match other modules
Improved 125kHz card reader sensitivity for Vario / Force / Verso
Increased Verso signalling LEDs brightness

Bugs fixed

Automation Action.BeginCall - Parameter number not accepting * and #
Card reader on Vario / Force did not receive correct codes from Wiegand interface
Verso to have 1999 users in phonebook
Echo canceller caused distortion on line tones
Verso to support more than 16 modules

Known issues in this version

Possible lost of registration of the units
In some environments the echo canceller might make the unit go half-duplex while both sides are talking

Localisation of web interface into several languages
New echo canceller which enables speaker to be louder and microphone to be more sensitive
Better audio quality due to improved equaliser
New audio codec G.722 allowing audio to use sampling frequency of 16kHz - significantly better audio quality
Better adaptive volume performance
Automation event Time - to trigger actions on predefined time
External camera feature - Helios IP now accepts also H.264 stream from external camera
Helios IP Verso automatically names attached modules - no need to do so manually
Microphone page redesign at Helios IP Audio and Video Kit - better usability
Basic authorisation for HTTP commands - new action in Automation, authorisation for outgoing HTTP commands
Quick dial button acts as virtual input for Onvif compliant VMS
Option to set infinite call time
Double authentication - user needs to provide both RFID card and PIN number to gain access
Output control from VMS using Onvif
Helios IP Verso - secured state signalling
Warning about possible loss of configuration when downgrading
Show collision if both SIP accounts have the same local port

Bugs fixed

Helios IP Uni issues with connection to MS Lync
Wrong hints
RFID card reader issues with speed and reading distance
RTSP client reliability issues (for External camera feature)
Wrong ID format on Wiegand fror HID iCLASS Cards
Order of HID iClass card bytes
"-" not accepted in phone number
Web GUI alignment
Helios IP Verso IR LED disturb video in night mode
Automation parameter validation issues
Helios IP data streaming to Attendance System issues

Known issues in this version

Possible mistaked in translations into new languages

- Test SMTP from web interface
- External / Internal camera select from HIPEYE
- Online picture upload via HTTP to HIP Vario display
- Outputs on IO module of HIP Verso able to be set from Switches
- CEPAS 2.0 rfid cards support
- Two SIP accounts
- Facility code for Verso
- Language localisation support
- Automation - Action.SendEmail does not accept an email address
- Add product info to config.xml

Bugs fixed

- Picture from external camera optimalisation
- Received video streaming gets freezed Helios IP connected to HIKVision VMS causes restarts
- Hint update
- Automation - Check entered values for parameter Condition at Condition.LogicalAnd, Condition.LogicalOr, Condition.LogicalNot
- Variables in Event.HttpTrigger does not work
- Email via strato.de is not working
- Crash after an incoming call is terminated by Action.EndCall
- Do not shown additional switch outputs if card reader is detected
- Automation - Check entered values for parameter Level at Condition.InputState
- LED and BUZZER outputs do not work at Helios IP Vario Card Reader
- If the sender is not same as user of email the email is not send
- It is not possible to play User Sounds in Internet Explorer 11
- Incorrect language - Button for change password
- Language localization file shows size in N/A
- Power Source is not translated into Czech
- Email without an attachment looks like the attachment has disappeared
- Test status (Idle) is not translated into Czech and descriptions are in opposite language
- If function of automation is not correct function should not set
- Automation - Check entered values for parameter Code at Event.CodeEntered
- Automation - If parameter (key) is not completed, the function should be save at Event.DtmfPressed
- Automation - Check entered values for parameter Code at Event.DtmfEntered
- Automation - Check entered values for parameters StartEvent, StopEvent, Delay, Count, Period at Event.Delay, Event.Timer
- Automation - Check entered values for parameters Number, User at Action.BeginCall
- Automation - Event.CallStateChanged does not work
- Automation - Event.KeyPressed does not work correct
- Automation - Check entered values for parameter profile at Condition.ProfileState
- Automation - Inputs do not work
- Vario always show Unknown as a power source
- Description of display name (SIP)
- Parameter Line Input Gain has no effect at VideoKit
- Parameter Image Cropping affect also external stream
- Camera IC717w does not replay to PLAY request from Helios IP
- Email is not send for numbers dialed in a telephone mode
- Phone Book Search Mode hint error
- User Deputy selection
- Helios IP without a camera shows section Video Source without any parameter
- No response to HTTP API GetMessages
- Detect type of card reader outputs
- Codec info missing in SDP for audio call
- G.729 does not work at SIP Speaker
- Licence is not preserved after soft factory reset
- Delay before re-registration
- Microphone does not work at VideoKit
- JPEG stream stucks
- UID from HID iCLASS cards is send in oposite order via Wiegand
- Only outputs at the basic unit are available for switch at Verso
- Wrong configuration is loaded after reboot.
- Date has english format at czech page
- Deputy is shown as undefined after login
- Buttons on extender can't be used to send http commands
- Incorrect function button - hangup by # button
- New firmware was not accepted by bootloader
- Feature - Description

- Substitute to be enabled even without named position – Even users without entered name can be used as substitute users
- Add syslog to captured trace – Syslog will be automatically part of trace
- Database upgrade functionality – Better back and forward compatibility
- Helios IP Verso - Wiegand device support – Driver to support Wiegand module of Helios IP Verso
- Implemetation of Informacast Protocol – Helios IP can be now used with Informacast by Singlewire, under special license key
- ONVIF profile C implemetation – first part of access control protocol implementation
- G.729a support – Helios IP accepts call with this codec, but it can not offer it
- ONVIF name and password editable in web menu – user can change login and password from default values
- ONVIF I/O control – using ONVIF inputs and ouptputs of intercom can be now controlled
- Wiegand OUT - raw format – Helios IP can send any signal from card reader via Wiegand without any processing
- Add resolution SXGA (1280 x 960) for an email snapshot at Verso – Helios IP Verso can send HD pictures as attachment to email
- External IP camera settings - default camera to be used – marked camera will always be used as first one in call
- Upgrade of ONVIF version from 2.2 to 2.4
- Milestone two-way audio – ONVIF streaming improvements, option to stream audio from VMS to Helios IP, tested with Milestone
- Warning that default password is used – on dashboard
- Include IE8 into list of unsupported browsers – IE 8 is not supported anymore
- XSGA resultion streaming via RTSP/ONVIF – HD video stream from Helios IP Verso
- Send Syslog outside lwIP – Syslog can be also sent to MAC address, so it can be sent even without IP address
- Picture to email settings redesign – GUI redesign to be more user friendly
- Add parameter to enable/disable PRACK – for PBXs with or without PRACK
- Support for Siemens Wiegand format – compatibility with Siemens access control systems
- Helios IP Verso manual settings of day/night mode – user can change manually day or night
- Auto updates - Update now button – user is now informed about progress and result of automatic upgrade
- Different settings for H.264 and H.263+ - admin can separately set video codec parameters
- SMTP improvements – for more compatibility with SMTP servers
- Video from external IP camera quality improvements

Bugs fixed

Autoupdate parameters from previous version are erased after upgrade
Some SMTP servers denays email from Helios IP
SIP Speaker - RDY/ACT diode does not signal call in progress
Replace Network with Maintenance at home page
HIP allows second call while a call is in progress
If requested position is out of bound -> Notice should warn you
Various web interface problems
Cancelled group call remains in a ringing state
Configuration upload to the HIP device does not change name on the top of the page
Automation Event.KeyPressed is limited to 54 on all models
The image from verso is sometimes corrupted with visible green vertical stripe through picture
Helios crash after disable of external camera from web interface, while streaming video to some clients
Videokit sometimes crashs during a call
Cannot upgrade cfg from http server
Force and Safety always show PoE as a power source
WSDiscovery messages are not accepted
Automation wrong parameter reboots HIP
Change of a Display Name caused by Reset Configuration is applied after restart
DNS SRV is requested at the second registration attempt
Helios does not react to NAPTR response
Time resets
Crash after configuration upload
Mic SSP not active after HW reboot
Registration is not renewed if it is rejected because of old nonce
Call is terminated because of received unsuported H.264 profile from Jitsi
Automation does not start after restart
It is not possible to upgrade SIP Speaker, Uni and Audio Kit to the latest version

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